8 Video Gratis untuk Internet Marketter Pemula

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Dengan tehnik jadul dari google ternyata masih bisa buat nyari video2 gratis, ini salah satunya , sebuah halaman berisi 8 Video Tutorial bagi Internet Marketter pemula.

ini dia !

Video 1 – How To Master The Basics

How to develop your strategy for 500 visitors per day!
What is SEO really about and how it’s going to help you
Which search engines to target first for best results
What to do if a SEO company approaches you!

Click Here To Watch Video 1

Video 2 – How Search Engines Rank Your Pages

How search engines really work!
WHY they rank certain sites at number one
3 elements you must have for ranking at the top!
Why you won’t rank for some terms

Click Here To Watch Video 2

Video 3 – Lay Strong Foundations

The most important factors in choosing your niche
How to profit from keywords and SEO
Why the size of your niche will make or break you
The tricks to finding profitable niches for your industry
Main elements of your niche to focus on for maximum


Click Here To Watch Video 3

Video 4 – Developing Your Website

Most important elements required in your web pages
Learn where to place these for maximum optimization
How changing some words can double your traffic!
Why adding in some elements will get you banned

Click Here To Watch Video 4

Video 5 – Power Up Your SEO Part 1

How to get indexed in the search engines in 24 hours!
How to dislodge your competitors and climb above them
THREE factors you must get right to rank at number 1
How to get other webmasters to promote your site!

Click Here To Watch Video 5

Video 6 – Power Up Your SEO Part 2

How to get your own site to be a link magnet!
What things don’t work any more

What 3 things not to do to promote your site
How to supercharge today’s most popular method of promotion!

Click Here To Watch Video 6

Video 7 – Learn From The Professionals

A run through of number 1 ranking website
How it was developed for popularity

How it was built to get number 1 rankings
You’ll see all code and SEO strategy for this site!

Click Here To Watch Video 7

Video 8 – Multiply Your Visitors Exponentially!

The ONE thing you must do once a week to your site
Top tip to get others to develop your site for free
How to double your visitors in 30 days!
How to double the value of outsourced material!

Click Here To Watch Video 8


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